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    AMF Typing Services will turn 16 years old on 1st April 2017. AMF Typing is open for business during the festive season.

    Hello and Welcome, please contact me if I can assist you. I would like to introduce you to my company AMF Typing Services established 1st April 2001. Please scroll down for further information about what we can offer You the Business Person. How can we assist you, we can assist you with all your typing requirements. We can type anything from plain copy typing to typing organograms, graphs, charts, flow diagrams, reports, agreements, books, spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations etc.



    • AMF Typing Services provides Typing Services, Word Processing, Transcription Services, Office Administration, Internet Research, Proofreading etc.one space or two
    • I can assist you, I can type any document you require, typing is my speciality.
    • I have many years of experience, I am an old school typist. I started typing at age 14 at High School, learning to touch type on a manual typewriter, learning to type to music and keeping up with the beat. The keys were covered with paper and we were taught to be fast and accurate typists.
    • If you have typing that I can assist with, please call me.
    • AMF Typing uses Inverter Battery Power to Mains Power, when Load Shedding/Blackouts occur, AMF Typing has power and can still produce work. 
    • New AMF Typing Services can offer you, typing services using a portable manual typewriter – typing of envelopes, forms, letters, invitations etc.

    “I run my own race: I am in competition with no one. I have no desire to play the game of being better than anyone, in any way, shape or form, I just aim to improve, to be better than I was before…”

    New Virtual Assistants please check out my blog http://alison-fourie.blogspot.com/ 

    I can provide the following Services to you:Typewriter 2

    • Typing Services – typing of manuals, course content, tenders, development/business/strategy plans, copy typing, books, reports, company typing, student (from 1st year to Masters, Ph.D etc.) assignments (following Harvard Business/Academic Writing methods), manuscripts, all types of typing etc.
    • Typing Services using a portable manual typewriter, using a typewriter to type up those forms that you have to fill in by pen
    • Data Entry
    • Transcription/Dictation Services – general, legal and medical
    • Business Presentations
    • Word Processing – graphics, graphs, flow diagrams, spreadsheets, company structure diagrams etc.
    • Email, Faxing, Scanning Services
    • Office Administration – invoicing, statements, quotes, email correspondence etc.
    • Internet Research
    • Telephone / Skype Liaison with clients
    • Office Administration Services

    http://alison-fourie.blogspot.com · http://www.tavasa.co.za · http://tavasa.blogspot.com/


      Can we be of virtual assistance to you! Can we help you VIRTUALLY?

    • We can prepare your company administration for you on a monthly basis or as and when.
    • Do you get your company invoices out on time; do you have time to follow up with clients who do not pay you on time?
    • Do you need to send out emails, do you have lists of clients who you need to contact regularly?
    • Do you have a newsletter that you need to get out to your clients and it is not going out on time, because you are so busy?
    • 40s typistAre you out of the office for hours at a time and your telephone is left ringing and no-one answers, therefore you lose business.

    We can provide all these services and more; with our assistance you will be able to get on with the business of making money for your business. A VA can be a vital asset to any business…   


    • The first virtual assistant within South Africa to be VA certified.
    • The first virtual assistant in South Africa to be Awarded a VAaccolade October 2008.
    • The first virtual assistant in South Africa as a Nominee for the 2010 Thomas Leonard International VA of Distinction Award (OIVAC).
    • Winner of Afrivan VAimpact Achievement Award (2010).

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    Contact Details:  Office: +27 011 768 5028, Cell/Whatsapp: +27 082 871 3452, Skype: amftyping, Emails: amftyping@mweb.co.za or alison@amftyping.co.za  

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