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    AMF Typing Services is prepared for Load Shedding. Load Shedding during winter is a way of life for us here in South Africa, but we can beat it. There is technology out there that we can buy. I have recently purchased an Inverter and Battery. An Inverter is driven by a large battery and can be used on mains or run on the battery, in a power cut/load shedding the battery kicks in and keeps the Inverter charged. My equipment is plugged into the Inverter so I have power continuous with or without the mains, and it is very quiet to work with compared to a generator, which is very noisy and distracting.


    By connecting all my equipment to the Inverter I can now keep my office up and running during hours of load shedding, while still having full Internet access which is another bonus. My equipment should stay up and running for between 4 to 6 hours.


    With Load Shedding lately it is no longer just 2 hours off, it is now a case of up to 7 hours off with no electricity. We suffer as we cannot get our work done, clients are waiting for work and it is not very professional for us to say ‘sorry but I cannot work I have no power’.


    When load shedding occurs we often don’t get the time to switch off and if you have not saved your work in the last hour you can easily lose that work, that is an hour wasted which we would have to redo. There is nothing worse than losing something and having to redo it, its time wasting we can’t afford.


    With most of my work I am running on deadline and I simply cannot afford the time to be without power anymore. So a plan has been made. It has been costly but it is worth it because it keeps me up and running working while the power is off. I can still delivery my work on schedule and that is what matters to me. It is all about client support and keeping the client happy.



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