History of the First 25 Years of the Virtual Assistant Industry

The Virtual Assistant Industry has a rich but
little-known history of pioneering individuals and organizations that
saw opportunity in the work-at-home arena to develop and grow businesses
that could support and sustain families. This infographic recognizes
and shares the story of the industry’s first 25-years. It acknowledges
the many women and men who walked the walk and talked the talk that
propelled virtual assisting to become the small business resource it is


Congratulations to all of the pioneering VAs, and Thank You.


Our Story (from my perspective):


Let’s go back in time, way back, way, way back, to 1981. That’s
right! That’s when the concept of secretaries working from home was the
exception instead of the norm. As a matter of fact, working from home
was frowned upon and individuals who worked from home were considered
“second-class workers”; not really contributing to an industry or their
household incomes…hobbyist…you name it. Call it what you want, but
working from home in the 80s always carried a negative connotation.

However, knowing where you come from, acknowledging all the hard work
of those that paved the way — using determination, sweat, time and
energy to build the industry, starting new, innovative thinking groups,
professionally and positively — spreading the message of how businesses

Knowing your history helps you understand your foundation, where you
come from and most important WHY you can now build a long term,
sustainable business – it’s because of those that came before you, 10,
15, 20, 25 years ago – people who walked the walk, talked the talk, and
spent many hours answering questions and overcoming obstacles, that have
paved the way for you be the Virtual Assistant you are today.

Please don’t forget where you came from. Your History is Your Future!