• How to become a Virtual Assistant


    What is a Virtual Assistant and how can I become one! A VA is a person who works from a home office providing services to assist clients.Deadlines

    • Do your research and homework, find out what a VA is and what we do before thinking you are going to do this. Google ‘Virtual Assistant’.
    • To become a VA you will need to start your own business, prepare your paper work, create a website – blog, have profiles on social media and use this to assist with your marketing.Business Plan 1
    • Create and build your business plan by adding the procedures that you are going to use to run your company, your company standards, create your company name, mission statement, log, company colours etc, have a marketing, networking, advertising strategy and budget.
    • Create your office setup.
    • What experience do you have, what tasks have you got experience in that you would like to offer as services to clients , do you have an office background, if so, then that is a good grounding to opening up your own VA business.
    • A VA works for herself running her own company, assisting clients with their work load.
    • Many VAs are ex PAs, secretaries, office managers etc.
    • Many VAs go into this industry because they have left their corporate jobs to start a family and then have the baby and would like to try something from home to be with the baby.
    • As a VA running your own company you will, do the work, do bookkeeping, your own office administration for your company, your tax, debt collecting and invoicing etc.
    • You are responsible for finding your own clients and you do this through networking, marketing and advertising which is an ongoing process throughout the life of your business.
    • You are the Boss of your company; you work with clients, not for clients.
    • You do not have a CV, you use a company profile, brochure, website, linked in, Facebook, blog etc.AMF Typing Blog
    • If you are off sick then you don’t earn.
    • You prepare your rates, price list not the client.
    • You decide who you would like to work with; you do not have to work with anyone you do not feel right working with.
    • You can market your services to the types of clients you would like to work with through target marketing.
    • You offer the services that you enjoy doing. I love doing presentations and typing so these are the service that I offer.
    • You provide a quality client service at all times.
    • You are your company, so how you answer the telephone, greet people, it matters. You are your brand.
    • Be careful how you behave on social media, as you are your brand.
    • A VA sets up her own office, standards and procedures to run her business.Marketing
    • VAs can work with subcontractors.
    • As a subcontractor do not expect to get access to your VAs clients.
    • As a subcontractor working for a VA the VA is your client.
    • As a subcontractor you need to keep your VA (Client) updated with their work at all times.
    • It is not cost effect to work as a subcontractor to a VA when you can do marketing, networking and advertising to get your own clients.
    • A VA will often work weekends, public holidays and nights to make sure that deadlines are met.
    • VAs care for their clients.

    Definition of a Virtual Assistant, from: AMF Typing Services

    • A Virtual Assistant is a person who works for many clients, providing office administration tasks, communicates with clients via telephone, email, Skype; we may never meet our clients face to face.
    • A person who works independently from his/her own virtual office.
    • A VA is often from an office administration background, with experience as a PA/Secretary or Office Manager.
    • A person who can work alone.
    • A person with exceptional time management and prioritisation skills.
    • Someone who can run an office and liaise with clients on an ongoing basis.
    • Someone with a bit of management experience can learn quickly and who is at ease with software.
    • We have to be pro-active and assertive, and friendly.
    • Virtual Assistants are Business Owners, who run their own companies, do their own marketing, networking, bookkeeping etc.
    • Becoming a Virtual Assistant is a career choice within a worldwide industry.

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    • Welcome to the world of Virtual Assistants
    • Tips for Newbie Vas
    • Steps to starting up your own Virtual Assistant Business:
    • Business Plan
    • Business Name and Logo
    • Company Website
    • Registering your Business
    • Client Relationships and Pricing
    • Here is a rough guide on how to price:
    • List of Services/Prices offered by AMF Typing Services cc
    • Overseas Clients/Pricing
    • Transcription/Dictaphone Typing/Transcribing
    • Free Practice Files for General Transcription
    • Advertising/Marketing/Networking
    • Advertise your services via Google Alerts:
    • Procedure to deal with Clients: (This is how I do it, an example)


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