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    AMF Typing Services :

    No quote will be given without an example of the work to be done. All Typing includes proofreading.

    • Typing Services – typing of manuals, course content, tenders, development/business/strategy plans, copy typing, books, reports, company typing etc.
    • New: Typing Services using a portable manual typewriter, typing of envelopes, forms, letters, invitations etc.
    • Student Typing Services from 1st year Assignments to Masters, PhD and MBA assignments/thesis/dissertation (following Harvard Business – APA method/Academic Writing methods), manuscripts, all types of typing etc. (50% deposit required for thesis, dissertations etc. over 100 pages)
    • Student Internet Research – finding, researching articles for your Masters, PhD and MBA etc
    • Word Processing – graphics, graphs, flow diagrams, spreadsheets, company structure diagrams etc.
    • Data Entry
    • Transcription/Dictation Services – general, legal and medical
    • Business Presentations
    • old typist 4Email, Scanning Services
    • Office Administration – invoicing, statements, quotes, email correspondence etc.
    • Internet Research (let me help you with your family tree, I will use the internet and do the research for you, saving you loads of time), product research, research for projects etc.
    • Diary Management
    • Telephone – setting up appointments and monitoring of appointments etc.

    Contact Details:

    Cell: +27 082 871 3452 · Office: +27 011 768 5028

    Skype: amftyping · Fax: 086 514 8475 · Emails: amftyping@mweb.co.za · alison@amftyping.co.za · Blog:  http://alison-fourie.blogspot.com/

    Linked in: https://www.linkedin.com/in/amftyping

     “I run my own race: I am in competition with no one. I have no desire to play the game of being better than anyone, in any way, shape or form, I just aim to improve, to be better than I was before…”

    Terms & Conditions:

    On behalf of AMF Typing Services cc:

    1. In the event of AMF Typing Services cc not being able to accommodate the time frames/deadlines agreed upon, because of circumstances beyond AMF Typing Services cc control, we will contact you to renegotiate times, and let you know of problems, ahead of time. (example Electrical Power Cuts in area)
    2. The service provided by AMF Typing Services cc will be made on an as and when basis and will remain flexible in order to accommodate both parties. AMF Typing Services cc will at all times endeavour to accommodate the clients’ needs in this manner.
    3. Work will be carried out at all times at the offices of AMF Typing Services cc, Roodekrans, Gauteng, South Africa.Old typewriter
    4. Payment for the service provided is due within 10 days from the client, upon submission of an invoice, which will be supplied upon completion of the agreed work. Payment terms can be adjusted to monthly terms upon agreement by AMF Typing Services.
    5. AMF Typing Services cc will at all times maintain a strict code of confidentiality which encompasses the clients’ business, members and associates.
    6. In the unlikely event that work is carried out to an unsatisfactory standard and is found to be at the fault of the service provider, AMF Typing Services cc agrees to recreate work without charge.
    7. All Documents are spell checked and proof read, to provide 100% accuracy to meet our client’s requirements.
    8. Documents will be saved within the clients own folder and archived for a total of 3 years.
    9. Upon request documents may be copied onto disk for client (an additional charge will be required for this service). All files/disks are virus-checked prior to transmission.
    10. Our company is availability: Monday to Friday from 8am to 6pm, Saturday/Sunday from 8am to 1pm, we can be contacted telephonically at any time for advice or assistance.

    you are not necessary paying for hours of my time quote

    Contract Details:typing pool Office: +27 011 768 5028typing pool Cell: +27 082 871 3452,  Whatsapp: amftyping, Emails: amftyping@mweb.co.za  or  alison@amftyping.co.za, Skype: amftyping, Linked In:   http://za.linkedin.com/in/amftyping

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