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Today we are highlighting 3D Printers

The guys in the International Space Station (ISS) were struggling with much needed spares and parts. A 3D printer was sent up, as well as the material that they can use with the printer, to make the tools (rather than sending heavy parts and spares), this then, enabled the crew of the ISS to make their own tools and parts using the 3D printer.

Don’t say a 3D Printer is not affordable because with what you can make with them and sell, you can quickly get your money back. With some research and thinking you can make lots of different products with many different materials (plastic, polyamide, glass, epoxy resins, steel, wax, polycarbonate, photopolymers etc). A 3D Printer can be a really good investment using thoughts and ideas to make sellable products.

You do not have to buy the most expensive model or the biggest, you can buy a small version for less than R10 000.

Here are a few things you can make: Sweets, interesting glass products, tools, spare parts, toys, even build model toy houses, self-watering planter, tooth paste squeezer, hooks, Lego’s etc. These things seem unusual to make, yet you can sell them and make money.

3 D Printers

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