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  • The composer Pablo Sorozábal includes in a scene of his zarzuela La eterna canción (1945) a typewriter, accompanied by an orchestra and vocal soloists: the scene is in a police station, where a policeman is deposing witnesses, and is singing while he types the report.
  • The composer Leroy Anderson wrote The Typewriter (1950) for orchestra and typewriter, and it has since been used as the theme for numerous radio programs. The solo instrument is a real typewriter played by a percussionist. The piece was later made famous by comedian Jerry Lewis as part of his regular routine both on screen and stage, most notably in the 1963 film Who’s Minding the Store?.
  • Pink Floyd used a typewriter, complete with carriage return bell, as a percussion instrument on their song “Money” (1973)
  • A typewriter provides the percussive backing for Stereo_Total‘s “Dactylo Rock” – the first song from their debut album (1995)
  • An Estonian prog-rock band In Spe features typewriters as a rhythmic instruments in their album Typewriter Concerto in D Major (1994)
  • A suite of songs entitled “Green Typewriters” is on The Olivia Tremor Control’s album Dusk At Cubist Castle (1996), and the sounds of typewriters can be heard in a few of the sections.
  • American singer-songwriter Marian Call accompanies herself on a typewriter on “Nerd Anthem” (c. 1998)
  • American musician Beck‘s 2005 music video for “Black Tambourine” features typewriter characters to animate Beck’s moving and playing guitar.
  • The title track of Heernt‘s 2006 album Locked in a Basement prominently features the typewriter as a percussion instrument.
  • The Boston Typewriter Orchestra (BTO) has performed at numerous art festivals, clubs, and parties since at least 2008. The group consists of a half-dozen performers who use typewriters aspercussive musical instruments, under the slogan, “The revolution will be typewritten”.
  • South Korean improviser Ryu Hankil frequently performs typewriters, most prominently in his 2009 album”Becoming Typewriter”.
  • Lead singer/songwriter Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam types many of the band’s lyrics on vintage typewriters.Typewriter and mucis 2
  • In the film The History of the Typewriter recited by Michael Winslow, voice sound effect performer Michael Winslow recreates the sounds of 32 typewriters from history.
  • The word “typewriter” is often cited as the longest English word that can be typed using only one row of keys of a QWERTY keyboard. This is untrue, since “rupturewort” (a kind of flowering plant) has 11 letters, while “typewriter” has only 10. Taber’s Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary defines “uropyoureter” (12 letters).
  • A sentence which uses every letter of the alphabet (a pangram), “The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog” can be used to check typewriters quickly.
  • The early Resident Evil video games used a typewriter as the save feature, and used one ink ribbon per save.
  • The opening title sequence of Murder She Wrote prominently features Jessica Fletcher touch typing a manuscript with a 1940’s style Royal Typewriter. Although in one episode Fletcher rejects a character’s offer to sell her a computer to replace the old Royal (which he calls a “dinosaur”), towards the series end, she, too begins using a computer and word processing typewriter.
  • In Rome the Altare della Patria, National Monument to Victor Emmanuel II, used to be nicknamed “the typewriter” because of its strange shape and popular dislike.
  • The 2012 French comedy movie Populaire starring Romain Duris and Déborah François centers around a young secretary in the 1950s striving to win typewriting speed competitions.
  • 2012 AU Education Research claimed that proper typing position and distance to the screen are the main factors of typing faster.


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