VA Definition

AMF Typing Services, Definition of a Virtual Assistant

A Virtual Assistant is a person who works for many clients.

We can provide Email Management, Newsletter Management, Social Media Management, Graphic Design, Writing, Editing and Proofreading, Internet Research, Bookkeeping, Project Administration, SEO Optimization, Transcription (Legal, Medical and General), Word Processing, Translation, Web Design and Maintenance, Office Administration, Copy Writing, Real Estate VAs etc.

We communicate with clients via Telephone, Cell Phone/WhatsApp, Email, Skype etc; we may never meet our clients face to face.

A person who works independently from his/her own virtual office.

A person, with at least 5 years’ worth of work experience. A person who can work alone.

A person with exceptional time management and prioritization skills.

Someone who can run an office and liaise with clients on an ongoing basis.

Someone with a bit of management experience can learn quickly and who is at ease with software.

We have to be pro-active and assertive.

Virtual Assistants are Business Owners, who run their own companies, do their own marketing, networking, bookkeeping etc.

There are many VA definitions around the world, but what I have written, above, is what I believe a VA is and what we do. Alison Fourie