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New coming soon: Tavasa Mentoring Course

We have created the Tavasa Mentoring Course because we believe there is a need for it in the South African marketplace of VAs and Transcriptionists. We feel that with our (Gaynor and myself) 25+ years of experience in VA and TranscriptionGayner specializes in Transcription and my specialty is VA –  that we would like to put this experience to good use in our mentoring programme, giving back to the industry, what we have learnt over the years.

The Purpose of our Mentoring: The aim is to equip VAs and Transcriptionists with knowledge, confidence, and skills to enable them to be better business owners and to be able to converse with clients.

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These are some of the areas we will cover :

  • We will start with mindset, moving your mindset to that of a business owner, away from being an employee.TAVASA Mentoring Image, Confidence or No Confidence
  • We want to talk about confidence, without it you won’t go far, so we will give you some tricks of the trade to help you gain confidence.
  • Everyone is afraid of the dreaded business plan, we will show you how easy it is to write it.
  • Next you need a small 1 minute speech to assist you in quickly explaining to potential clients what you do.
  • We will follow this with a briefing on networking, marketing and advertising.
  • Where would we be as business owners without social media today, we will add websites and blogging to get you on your way.
  • We will end by assisting you in setting goals and how to manage them.

All this will enable you to become a business owner, to have the right mindset and have confidence in what you are doing.

For more information please email: tavasament@gmail.com

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Launching in 2019, watch this space


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