Confidence or no confidence!

One of the things I find over and over is a lack of confidence in new VAs. 

I know you have not run a business before, but you do have skills and experience and you have worked in corporate, but you have no confidence in your ability to run a business because you are scared, unsure and frightened in case you do something wrong. You are scared of clients as you were scared of your Boss.

But now you are a business owner, you are the boss so you need a change of mindset. You need to think of yourself as a Boss and not as an employee, it’s not easy. Confidence builds with time, as you get comfortable in your new role, your confidence will grow.

Once of the scariest parts of being a VA is speaking to your first client. A way to grow your confidence is to attend Networking events within your area. Go to Networking events with the determination to get up and talk to people about your business. The first few times is uncomfortable, don’t go to the event and sit and just look around, speak to the person next to you, mingle, otherwise what is the point in attending the session, make eye contact, smile, talk about your business. If you are shy there will be other shy people there too. Networking is a great way to build confidence.

If you have good procedures in place, a system to work with, knowing what you are doing, that gives you confidence. Learn about your clients, the more you know about them the more it is easier to approach and interact with them. Look at areas where you can assist them within their business.

The way you dress for work also affects your confidence. Don’t work in your pyjamas unless its PJ Day or Slipper Day. Dress as you would for work in the corporate world, jeans and a comfy top, put make-up on, it will make you feel better. Knowing you look nice is a great confidence builder.

Contact other VAs, join groups in social media and interact, be present and be active in the groups. Be part of your Industry and being a VA is being part of an awesome industry with like-minded people.

Get yourself a Coach or Mentor, they will assist you to help build your confidence. Just make sure that the VA or coach has the years of experience to assist you. The more you talk about your business, the more confident you will be become. Become an expert in the skills you offer, write about your skills, share your experiences on social media, yet another way to build your confidence.

I wish you luck in your Virtual Assistant business.




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A small clip of Julie Andrews singing:

‘I have Confidence’:

What will this day be like?

I wonder.

What will my future be?

I wonder.

It could be so exciting, to be out in the world, to be free!


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