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  • Typing Services – typing of manuals, course content, tenders, development/business/strategy plans, copy typing, books, EBooks, reports, company typing, manuscripts, document formatting, all types of typing etc.
    Please note: All Typing using the electric Typewriter is on an hourly rate.
  • Students Assistance: Transcription, Typing, Thesis Formatting and Internet Research.
    From 1st year to Masters, PhD, assignments, dissertations, thesis etc., (following Harvard Business, Academic Writing, APA, University/Professor methods and procedures). We can research journal articles etc., for your PhD, Masters etc., for the subject of your choice using Google Scholar making notes of the cites/references required. If you have transcribed your research and need assistance to transcribe it, contact us. Once you have typed up your assignment etc., you will need it formatted to the professor or university guidelines, we can do this for you, saving you time doing it. Masters and PhD Students we can assist you with formatting your articles for publication in Journals etc. We can assist you with the article publication procedures.
  • Data Entry/Capture.
  • Transcription/Dictation Services – General, Legal and Medical
  • Business Presentations.
  • Word Processing – graphics, graphs, flow diagrams, spreadsheets, company structure diagrams etc.
  • Email, Faxing, Scanning Services.
  • Lamination A3/4 – School/College/University Certificates, laminate old documents that you need to keep, Posters, ID’s, Business Cards, School Reports, Scrapbook pages, Menu’s, Signs etc.
  • Office Administration – Invoicing, Statements, Quotes, Email Correspondence; Answering and taking Calls;  Appointment and Meetings Scheduled, Reminder Services; Travel Arrangement and Planning etc
  • Online Internet Research – Family Trees/Genealogy assistance, product search, information etc, Student study information
  • Telephone / Skype Liaison with clients.
  • Social Media Services – Everyone needs a presence on Social Media today, we can do Twitter Tweets, Linked In, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest Posts, keep your Blog updated etc.
  • WordPress Websites – Design, Update, Customize, Maintain, (Original content to compliment your company). Clean Up (Hacked)

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  • We can prepare your company administration for you on a monthly basis or as and when.
  • Do you get your company invoices out on time; do you have time to follow up with clients who do not pay you on time?
  • Do you need to send out emails, do you have lists of clients who you need to contact regularly?
  • Do you have a newsletter that you need to get out to your clients and it is not going out on time, because you are just so busy?
  • Are you out of your office for hours at a time and your telephone are left ringing and no one answers, therefore you lose business?

We can provide all these Services and more; this will free you, to spend more time on your business

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  • You could be just starting out your business and need office assistance.
  • You could be a Business Person/Entrepreneur on the run, in and out of the office all day and never get around to your office administration therefore it falls behind.
  • You could be a Dietician, Architect, Hairdresser, Plumber, Migration Agents, you will need appointments with clients, and it can take time to set up appointments.
  • What about if you are a Doctor and you do lots of dictation of your patients notes and reports, we can transcribe it for you, we have medical transcribers who specialise in the typing of medical transcription.
  • How about if you are a Legal Attorney and need your pleadings, briefs, client letters, court transcriptions
  • What about all that company typing you require, it is just does not getting done, your secretary is overworked, were typing experts and can type anything from basic typing to complicated flow diagrams, graphics, graphs, company structure charts, spreadsheets, reports, tenders, business plans etc.

Why not use the services of Virtual Assistants, it will save you time and money.

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We can help you virtually!


“I run my own race: I am in competition with no one. I have no desire to play the game of being better than anyone, in any way, shape or form, I just aim to improve, to be better than I was before…”


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