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Today the Internet is the mainstay of a Virtual Assistant’s business

We cannot work without it anymore, it is now the backbone in every business

What is an Internet research?
Internet research is the practice of using Internet information, especially free information on the World Wide Web, or Internet-based resources (like Internet discussion forum) in research. … Through searches on the Internet hundreds or thousands of pages can often be quickly found with some relation to a given topic.

Internet research – Wikipedia

An interesting service I offer to clients is Internet Research.
  • I can research information on the Internet for clients. The types of clients who would use this information can be people who offer course/training material and require course information. Authors who need research for books they write. Students need research on subjects that they do their Masters, MBA, and PhD degrees for. There are many other people who also require research.
  • A client will give me a subject that they need the research on and they will ask me to find specific data on that subject. My starting point when I do research is, to start by doing a Google search on the topic/subject. Keeping track of what I am doing; recording the times I start to do your research and the times I finish. I normally take a few hours or more. I open a new document and record everywhere I look, taking copies of the website URL addresses, date and time accessed and place it within a document. If I find PDF information then I can usually send the PDF to my email address and then copy it into my document or forward it to you for your information.
  • With doing Internet Research you have to think like the client, get as much information as possible from you about what it is you really want, ask lots questions, to get a feel of the information you are looking for.
  • It is very time consuming doing research, I normally will do a few hours, and then if I come up with nothing, which does happen, I take a break, and then start again later. It is pointless going on if you are not finding the information you require.
  • Internet research is charged on an hourly rate, or 15 minute increments.



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