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Social Media servicesTwitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest – assistance in getting your company details out there into the public’s eyes quickly and efficiently. Everyone needs a presence on Social Media today.

  • Twitter- Tweet posts, gets any information out there that you need to quickly and you can build up a twitter following very quickly.
  • LinkedIn/Website – LinkedIn is your main business tool with your website, you can guide visitors to find out more about your company from both of these.
  • Facebook – if you are in entertainment then Facebook is the way to go. It’s a great social place.
  • Instagram – is great to share company graphics and photographs from company events, show people what your company is doing in picture or graphic format.
  • Pinterest  – is often used more by women than men, but it is great for business in getting your information out there.
  • Blogging – Blog and tell your clients how your business is doing, you can promote a product or services, raise awareness of what is going on within your company, like a charity campaign, up and coming events etc.

This is a rough guide to the amount of posting you could do per day via social media, do you have the time to do this, I can do this much quicker for you, saving you loads of time:

  • Twitter – 3 x per day, or more. …
  • Facebook – 2 x per day, at most. …
  • LinkedIn – 1 x per day. …
  • Google+ – 3 x per day, at most. …
  • Pinterest – 5 x per day, or more. …
  • Instagram – 1.5 x per day, or more. …
  • Blog – 2 x per week.

We can offer you the following:

  • Post on your blog weekly
  • Post as many times per day as you require on Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram to build up a following for you and get your company info out there
  • Keep your Facebook updated and post information daily
  • Post on LinkedIn a few times per week

Follow up on all your social media on an ongoing basis.

Scheduling posts in social media

  • IT Companies can require the assistance of VAs with Web Design. VAs build their own website and this gives us the skills to assist clients with building their company websites.
  • Marketing companies can use our services to assist with market research, social media advertising, marketing and campaigns, getting your event info out into the public eye.
  • Entrepreneurs can use our services to assist with social media requirements, scheduling and posting etc.

Why not use the services of a Virtual Assistant

  • It will save you time and money.
  • When you outsource your work to VAs they concentrate on the task at hand, as they do not need to sit in a corporate office environment which means work is done faster and smarter and they are more focused.
  • A great Virtual Assistant who knows what she is doing, has confidence and is assertive can be an asset to any Company.


If you know of someone who could use my services, please share on your social media platforms. Thank you for reading and sharing. Have a great day.


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