Web Design / Maintenance / Security

WordPress – Website Design

Customisation (Individual to your business) / Maintenance / Security

  • Build, secure, create pages, posts, blog, layout, theme, colours
  • Support, Maintain and Update Website/sMy Website. Web Design
  • Monitor security (monthly)
  • Content Creation (original content to complement your company)
  • Blog Posts
  • Install Plugins and Widgets
  • Install Themes
  • Customise Theme (to match your company)
  • Site Security – Clean up after Website Hacking and security

The following customisation is very important in your website design


  • Original content to entice your clients to contact you?
  • Your text needs to speak to your visitors/clients inviting them to look around?
  • Your text must be original to you? and
  • You need to describe what you are offering clearly?


  • On entering your website, from the first few lines down, can the client see what you are offering and who you are?
  • Your site needs to be visually pleasing to the eye


  • Colour is important.
  • Are your chosen colours right for your websites look and feel?
  • Are they right for the product you are offering?


  • Do your graphics reflect what you are offering and
  • are they relevant to your site?


  • Your fonts need to be clear and readable and easy on the eye.
  • Is your font easy to read?


  • How easy is it to navigate around your site is it desktop, laptop, mobile
    and tablet friendly?


 Why get hacked first, why not take action NOW – Prevention before cureContrac Consultants Ltd. Web Design



  • Each website original to client specifications



  • We can do regular maintenance (hourly rate)
  • Includes updating all plugins, themes, WordPress, and backup
  • Security involves checking the security, running scans to make sure all is running well and hack free


A website is your main marketing/advertising tool on the Internet, do not let it just sit there, update it often, add a new word here and there, add graphics, etc. Add a Blog to your website and you can use your posts via social media to get your messages, events, products out in advertising, good advertising brings your clients back to your website often. Google-likes you to update your website often. It is your main advertisement and adverts change often, so do the same with your website. It is your marketing tool that you can use all over social media.


Rates for Web Design

Basic design including setup, theme, security, 3 pages R3500,00
Additional pages and posts R750,00 per page or post
SEO R750,00
Maintenance (update site, plug-ins, theme, security, etc.) R280,00 per hour
Additions: Shopping Cart Site, Directories, etc. R750,00 per page
Clean-up (Viruses, Hacked, etc.) R280 per hour

Website Hosting available at: https://1-grid.com/

All rates are in accordance with SAFREA (Southern African Freelancer’s Association) 2018-2019 guidelines.


Full up-front payment required.

Contact us and let’s chat about your requirements:

Cell – WhatsApp – Office: +27 082 871 3452    

Emails: amftyping@mweb.co.za · amftyping.webdesign@gmail.com






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