Ziggy the conversationalist


Every morning when someone wakes up Ziggy barks and cries – especially crying – (the person just has to open their eyes and she may not be in the same room but she knows you are awake) and doesn’t stop till that person says Good morning to her and gives her scratch.

Anytime Scrappy or Shaggy or even herself wants to go out she barks (don’t know how she knows they want to go out but she does), she also cries when she wants to go out. (None of them like to go out on their own and another dog doesn’t count must be a human). 



Soon as washing is in the washing machine she barks and she doesn’t stop until it has put on the line and she has received a Beeno, washing line tradition to get a Beeno when doing washing. (we have tried to get her to stop the barking and crying but obviously unsuccessful so far). 

She will bark and cry and perform to go for and get the water bowls filled which includes one of her favourite things – > running down the side of the house and back.

If she is not feed at her time (whether it is time yet for her food or not) she will bark and cry a little bit and run to the kitchen and back multiple times. She will also get the other dogs involved too and they don’t even want their food yet (takes forever for them to eat it when they don’t particularly want it at that time). 

Whenever you open the freezer to take anything out whether it is meat that needs to defrost or veggies you taking out to use immediately, she barks and goes crazy. EVERY SINGLE TIME! (ps this could be because she wants us to braai/BBQ which means she gets to go out and race her friends Scrappy and Shaggy to the gate and then get to chill outside and attempt to dig).

Whenever the dad goes out in the car she will bark when he gets back home and sometimes at other cars too but mainly knows which car is ours. 

Whenever potatoes are peeled she barks and goes crazy as she thinks it’s Braai/BBQ time and that of course gets her a Beeno and a run so of course she wants this and barks and cries and gives a whole Ziggy performance. 

Last but not least, anytime she feels she wants to chat, she will bark and give you her opinion and will state it loud and clear and also makes sure she gets the lasts word.

This has been our Ziggy since she learned to bark. Barks don’t always need a reason but to just be heard.






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