Dog Diaries – The Mischievous Digger


What can I say, Border Colie’s like to dig. In fact all the dogs we have had liked to dig. We find the digging seems to stop at around 18 month or so but before that they sure can dig large holes in the garden.

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We have been through this with Scooby and Shaggy and now here is Scrappy the ultimate digger. The problem with diggers is they don’t just dig a small hole, they make sure it is large enough for you to see it and to know who has done it because of the signs, the brown nose and filthy brown paws – which are even filthier when it rains. It is difficult to catch the digger in the act as you normally find out afterwards when you go into the garden and see this lovely big hole, but, you do see the guilty face/dog that dug the hole. The culprit has this guilty look about them and is very submissive (trying to kiss up to you and act innocent), as they know it is them. This is exactly how Scrappy reacts.

It’s a well-known fact that dogs love to dig but they take it to another level when they dig rather large holes, which of course our Scooby did when she was still a puppy.

Although Scrappy’s holes are big they aren’t as big as when Scooby use to dig, Scooby had the pleasure of showing the garden and grass who was the boss and who was the ultimate garden landscaper. Scooby took this experience she had with digging her landscaping holes and put it to use advising Scrappy on digging her first hole, of course Shaggy did not wish to be left out – especially after digging his fair share of holes himself – he stood by Scooby as they advised Scrappy in the art of digging holes and creating the lovely landscaping we wish they would not participate in.


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