Ziggy the Border at 2 years old

This is our Ziggy:

The noisiest dog we have ever had, loves to bark and have a conversation and argue with you.

She wakes up first with yawning as loud as she can and that wakes up Shaggy and Scrappy too.

She loves food and would eat yours if you were to let her. She absolutely loves her dog snacks and ginger biscuits, waits patiently for them everyday and savours each and every bite.

She loves being outside, just sitting or lying listening to what is going on around her. If another dog barks from our neighbour’s around us, Ziggy will answer and sometimes even initiate the conversation. If she sees someone down the street she will bark hello, mind you a lot of people don’t always see her but that doesn’t stop her.

She loves to be comfortable wherever she lies whether it be on a blanket or even on Shaggy. Although she does certainly give him a bit of push till she is comfortable which is often until he moves elsewhere and she can take up the whole space. If she’s cold she doesn’t mind lying with him and getting warm but once she’s warm it’s time for him to move for her to stretch out and enjoy the space and the warmth from where he was lying moments before.

Ziggy is stubborn and doesn’t move for anyone – be it Shaggy sitting, crying and practically begging her to move so he can have his spot; or even when it’s time to go outside before bed and she is comfortable. Ziggy moves for no one but Ziggy!

Ziggy loves to share. What’s hers is hers and what’s yours is hers, makes sense in Ziggy’s world.

That’s a little bit about our Ziggy – 2 years old now.





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