The Runt – Shaggy

The Runt

The first thing I notice when I open my eyes are that my brothers and sister are much bigger than me, I should be the same size, but I’m not. My tummy is rumbling, I’m hungry, it must be feeding time. I see a human carrying two bowls, that’s our dinner; best try and get up beside everyone else so that I can eat too. I am never where the bowls are put down. I run quickly but get pushed back as I try to push through. I’m so hungry, now I can see it could be easier to get some food. I reach the bowls to find no food; everyone else has beaten me to it. I’m so hungry, let me go to mum and see if I can beat the others and get a drink.

Shabby border collie


They are all sleeping; my luck is in, phew what a relief. I had a nice supper now I am feeling sleepy, better cuddle in and get comfy, its nap time. I wish I could be big and strong like my brothers and sisters. It’s hard being the runt of the litter.


Shaggy border collie



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