VA Mindset

New VAs NEED to realize that they are no longer employees working for companies. As a VA you are a business owner and are running a real business.

Too often I come across VAs who are thinking the wrong way. Being an entrepreneur VA, is about you making your decisions, you approaching the clients, you setting your rate, you running your own business. You DON’T go for interviews with clients, you go for MEETINGS, the client does not tell you what to do, you discuss between yourself and the client and agree what has to be done. You make the decisions for your business not the client.

Before you start your business have your rate already worked out and know what you are charging for each service you offer, do not wait until a potential client contacts you, and then they tell you what they will pay you, it does not work like that with businesses, the business gives the rate and the clients accept that rate.

It is about having the correct mind-set for what you are doing. An employee mind-set is that of being told what to do, having a boss, doing performance appraisals, someone responsible for you getting paid at the end of the month. To be a business owner is completely different to being an employee.

You decide whether you want to do the work on not, it is YOUR CHOICE. It is up to you if you want to quote on a job/task, you don’t have to if you don’t want to do the work, you work with subcontractors as part of your business, you are their client and they should treat you as such. Treat the VA who is asking for your help the same way you would a client, don’t just disappear on them, tell them whether or not you can do the work or not.


It is an empowering mind-set being your own boss of your own company



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