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AMF Typing Services was established 1st April 2001, we have over 30 years’ experience in typing services. I offer confidential old school assistance in Typing and Word Processing. We can type anything.

  • Typing Services – Typing of Manuals, Course Content, Tenders, Development/Business/Strategy Plans, Lease Agreements, Copy Typing, Books, EBooks, Reports, Company Typing, Manuscripts, all types of typing etc.
  • Data Entry/Capture.
  • Transcription/Dictation Services – General, Legal and Medical.
  • Word Processing – graphics, graphs, flow diagrams, spreadsheets, company structure diagrams etc.
  • Business Presentations – Company Presentations etc.



Can we be of Virtual Assistance to you? Can we assist you VIRTUALLY? 

  • If you are a Doctor and you do lots of dictation of your patients notes and reports, we can transcribe it for you, we have Medical Transcriptionist’s who specialise in the typing of medical transcription.
  • If you are a Legal Attorney and need your pleadings, briefs, client letters, court transcriptions, transcribed?
  • What about all that company typing you require, is your PA overworked, we are old school typing experts and can type anything from basic typing to complicated flow diagrams, graphics, graphs, company structure charts, spreadsheets, reports, tenders, business plans etc.


 Why not use the services of a Virtual Assistant

  • It will save you time and money.
  • When you outsource your work to VAs they concentrate on the task at hand, as they do not need to sit in a corporate office environment which means work is done faster and smarter and they are more focused.
  • A great Virtual Assistant who knows what she is doing, has confidence and is assertive can be an asset to any Company.



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Alison Fourie: Virtual Assistant (VAcertified) · Affiliated Marketer

Cell – WhatsApp – Office: +27 082 871 3452

Skype: amftyping, · Fax: 086  514  8475
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