Doggie Journals

Doggie Journal our Stories from Scooby, Shaggy and Scrappy – our lives from our point of view.

Shaggy Journal:

The Runt

The first thing I notice when I open my eyes, are that my brothers and sister are much bigger than me, I should be the same size, but I’m not. My tummy is rumbling, I’m hungry, it must be feeding time. I see a human carrying two bowls, that’s our dinner; best try and get up beside everyone else so that I can eat too. I am never where the bowls are put down. I run quickly but get pushed back as I try to push through. I’m so hungry, now I can see it could be easier to get some food. I reach the bowls to find no food; everyone else has beaten me to it. I’m so hungry, let me go to mum and see if I can beat the others and get a drink. 

They are all sleeping; my luck is in, phew what a relief. I had a nice supper now I am feeling sleepy, better cuddle in, and get comfy, its nap time. I wish I could be big and strong like my brothers and sisters. It’s hard being the runt of the litter.Scrappy by the washing machine. Doggie Journals.



Scrappy’s Journal:

I’m obsessed with Washing amongst other things

I’m waiting by the big white thing – I think I’ve heard them call it a Washer, I can hear the noise i’ts making and I know when it’s finished, it gives a little tinkling sound, that’s it, time to go and tell my Mom it’s time to put the washing out.

I run into the room and peep around the corner, darn it, she didn’t see me, let me go and check the washer again, It’s definitely finished, let me go and tell her again. This time when I cry she looks up but still doesn’t come, so I went right beside her and nudged her with my nose and cried, she got the message. She is getting up. We’re off. 

She says my favourite word “WASHING” and were off running, all three of us race to the end of the garden. I can beat them; I’m faster (I think). Darn it, I didn’t win this time, but I did get to nip at Shaggy’s leg and hurt him on the way. It’s his own fault, I should win not him, I am the fastest one in the family.

The mere mention of the word ‘Washing’ and we are off running outside ready again for the big race to the wall. Scooby is getting old now so she is no competition, but Shaggy, now he can run, but not as fast as me. Every time the washing goes out it must come in so that’s always another chance at a race.

We have this thing, we wait at the front door if someone is going out and then we all sprint to the gate, I’m always there first… I’m the fastest better runner, like usual, a quick nip here and there at them both, and of course, I can beat them. Of course, I do lick it better afterward if they let me, which isn’t often with Scooby but Shaggy doesn’t mind.


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