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Tavasa • The Transcriptionists and Virtual Assistants of South Africa

Foundered 2008 and run by Alison Fourie and Gayner Paynter.

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What is Tavasa:

  • We are an email support forum
  • We offer support, advice, assistance, job leads, subcontractor positions etc
  • We support VAs and Transcriptionists
  • EBooks for sale
  • Documents, agreements, retainer agreements, rates calculator etc, various document that will assist VAs and Transcriptionists
  • We are freelance VAs and Transcriptionists who run our own businesses offering our services to clients, on an as and when basis, retainer basis or regular basis etc

What Tavasa is not:

  • We are not a Recruitment company
  • We do not offer business opportunities
  • We do not employ VAs or Transcriptionists
  • We are not a training company for VAs or Transcriptionists, but we can advise you where to go for training

Gaynor and myself have years of experience behind us, Gaynor in Transcription and VA and myself in VA. We offer assistance in the way of advice to new VAs and Transcriptionists. We have both written EBooks, see below.

Ebook: Working From Home as a Transcriptionist in South Africa Working from Home As a Transcriptionist

by Gaynor Paynter

This E-book is packed with everything you need to know about working from home as a transcriptionist. I started out as a transcriptionist in 2005 and I’ve included everything I’ve learned along the way that I wish someone had told me. How do you get that first client? How do you market? Invoicing and Customer care.


Ebook: VA Guide/Handbook

I have a Guide/EBook for sale R130.00, which explains all about starting up a VA business within SA. The Handbook content includes marketing, networking, prices/rates, business plan details/info. Just send an email to, requesting the handbook and I will then forward you an invoice, on receipt of your payment, I will forward your Guide to you via email, it is a PDF document. This Handbook is updated on a continual basis. Here is a look at some of the content within the handbook:

  • Welcome to the world of Virtual Assistants
  • Steps to starting up your own Virtual Assistant Business:
  • Business Plan
  • Business Name and LogoA Guide. TAVASA
  • Company Website
  • Registering your Business
  • Client Relationships and Pricing
  • Transcription/Dictaphone Typing/Transcribing
  • Free Practice Files for General Transcription
  • Advertising/Marketing/Networking
  • Advertise your services via Google Alerts:
  • Procedure to deal with Clients: (This is how I do it, an example)


Please contact us further should you require more information.


Emails: Gaynor:  –  Alison



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