Ziggy’s Life

Introducing Ziggy


My name’s Ziggy and I was born on the 1st July 2021. I am a black and white border collie with one blue eye and one brown eye. I joined my new family on 22nd August 2021. I am currently 8 weeks old and my weight 2.5 kg. I was very shy coming into my new family, I didn’t know what they would be like or what my new siblings would be like. Now after a few days I have found that grass is my favourite and Scrappy is fun to play with, she looks after me. I’m still working on Shaggy but he let’s me lie down next to him (hopefully he’ll let me cuddle with him soon) so that’s all good even if he doesn’t want to play with me, hopefully he will soon and then I can run around the garden and have fun with them. Wish me luck!

Profile of Ziggy the border collie

  • Temper
  • Prone to tantrums
  • Very inquisitive, looking around all the time at what is happening and going on
  • Loud, noisy: barks, cry’s, makes interesting noises, will bark back and have a conversation with you and she will have the last bark
  • No fear
  • She will push her way in and not be left out
  • Temperamental
  • Stubborn
  • Determined
  • Sweet, Cute and Cheeky
  • Loves to cuddle
  • Fluffy
  • Loves outdoors, likes sticks, grass and leaves
  • Pest
  • Loves to play
  • Naughty
  • Very loving
  • Likes to run fast at 10 weeks
  • Loves food
  • Likes to watch TV

I would say from this that Ziggy is your typical border collie puppy full of life, full of fun and loud.







My family Shaggy and Scrappy







Blog Post coming soon  Ziggy’s Journal



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