The Battle of the Dogs

There is most definitely a hierarchy among our dogs. Scooby the Alpha, Shaggy the non-alpha (omega/beta) and Scrappy who wants to be Alpha. Scooby likes Shaggy but not so much Scrappy, it seems like she tolerates Scrappy and likes to put Scrappy in her place (this happens few times a week).

My office is small and if two people are in it then its smaller still. All three dogs want the top position to lie down on/at (on my left side beneath the window or beneath the desk at my feet – note there are carpets here), they aren’t really bothered about the right side as its just cold tile floor. If Scooby or Scrappy are lying under the desk or under the window, Shaggy doesn’t like this and will walk around unsure of where to lie and can’t under any circumstance lie anywhere else – must be one of those spots, he will either sit or stand in front of whichever spot he wants and stare or cry at whoever is there.

They have a specific order they sit for a snack, Scrappy on the right, Scooby in the middle and Shaggy left, they don’t move out of these places and if one of them is out of place the other will push them out of the way to get to their position.

They are very jealous and possessive of us if anyone comes to visit, each try to bark/cry/yap the loudest and try to get all the attention.

On a morning when I do my washing, Scrappy listens for the washing machine to finish, when it is done a little dinging noise is made and Scrappy gives a yap and runs to tell me the washing is done (this involves A LOT OF CRYING, BARKING AND YAPPING at me), when I go to open the washing machine door she gives this big yap and runs out the door with Shaggy to race to the end of the garden to see who is first (this differs on who wins every morning) and Scooby following behind them barking at them for running and racing each other and telling them to stop as she doesn’t want them hurting each other especially with Scrappy trying to bite Shaggy’s legs to slow him down so she is first, Scooby does care about them so…


THEN they all go sit and wait patiently for their snack like good dogs.








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