Social Media


All VAs needs to have some of the following for advertising, marketing and networking on Social Media:

  • A profile on the most popular social media platforms which are LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Google My Business.
  • Social Media is important for your business. It is about building relationships with people, earning trust.
  • With social media you need to project what your business is about, what is the purpose of your business, how you can assist people etc.
  • Always look for openings in communication, to communicate about your business and how you can help people.
  • Build a database of people that you meet on social media.
  • Constantly use these platforms, newsletters and articles to get people interested in what you do.
  • Blogging – Write up a daily, weekly or monthly blog. Blogging posts should be about things related to your business and things of interest to draw people to them.
  • Spend a few minutes daily marketing in social media.
  • Always look for new contacts, new people or groups to follow to build up your following. Join groups that you would be interested in getting clients from. An example can be you want to work with small business so join small business groups, join networking groups and small business start-up groups etc.
  • Send out links on social media to encourage people to read your blog and/or website, thus driving traffic to your website and/or blog.
  • Keep in touch with your followers, communicate with them.
  • In Twitter you can send out daily quotes or quick sentences with information drawing people to your blog, website, Facebook or LinkedIn etc.
  • Keep your Facebook and LinkedIn constant and post regularly.
  • You need to keep people interested and make them want to come back.
  • Be original
  • Choose your target audience carefully, don’t choose an audience that has nothing to do with what you do.
  • Clients will react if they find something that benefits them.
  • Make sure the messages you are sending out, can add value to potential clients, you need them to see that you can be an asset to their business.
  • Make it about the client, not about you.
  • Believe in yourself have confidence in the services you are offering
  • There are a few programs available for free that you can use to set up tweets automatically, (Buffer etc.) it’s easy enough to Google and find these programs – through these programs you can set tweets up in advance which can be of assistance when you are busy.
  • Be careful of your language and chat on social media, conversations can be seen by anyone looking for you, especially so for potential clients. A client can Google you or your business and find out about who you are, what you do, so be very careful what you place on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter.
  • Do not wear your heart on Facebook, which means do not share personal information that you don’t want others to see, keep business to business, have a personal page separate from your business page for your personnel thoughts etc.


  • Use a blog to communicate and draw people to you.
  • Write a weekly newsletter in your blog and send out your blog URL to encourage people to visit your blog.
  • On Linked In, Facebook, Twitter etc encouraging people to visit your blog, build up a following.
  • Write original content for your blog.
  • Use articles from other people but make sure you use their bio’s and that the article points back to them or contact and ask if you can use the article.
  • Make your content interesting so that readers will come back time and again, encourage followers.
  • Spent a few minutes daily in social media advertising your blog.
  • Always look for new contacts.
  • Encourage your subscribers to comment and provide feedback.
  • Have a blog roll of other interesting blogs on your blog and website, that you know are updated regularly and that you know could drive traffic to your blog through their article submissions.

Social Media services for Clients

  • Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest etc.
  • Assist in getting your clients company details out there into the public’s eyes quickly and efficiently. Everyone needs a presence on Social Media today.
  • Twitter – Tweet posts, gets any information out there that you need to quickly and you can build up a twitter following very quickly.
  • LinkedIn/Website – guide visitors to find out more about your company. Post important info about your business.
  • Facebook – if you are in entertainment then Facebook is the way to go. It’s a great social place.
  • Instagram – is great to share company graphics and photographs from company events, show people what your company is doing in picture or graphic format.
  • Pinterest – is great for business in getting your information out there.
  • Blogging – Blog and tell your clients how your business is doing, you can promote a product or services, raise awareness of what is going on within your company, like a charity campaign, up and coming events etc.

This is a rough guide to the amount of posting you could do per day via social media:

    • Twitter – 3 x per day, or more. …

Facebook – 2 x per day, at most. …

    • LinkedIn – 1 x per day. …


  • Google+ – 3 x per day, at most. …
  • Pinterest – 5 x per day, or more. …
  • Instagram – 1.5 x per day, or more. …
  • Blog – 2 x per week.

VAs can offer the following:

  • Create social media for a clients new business
  • Post on their blog weekly
  • Post as many times per day as they require on Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram to build up a following for them and get their company info out there
  • Keep their Facebook updated and post information daily
  • Post on LinkedIn a few times per week

Follow up on all their social media on an ongoing basis.

Scheduling posts in social media



  • IT Companies can require the assistance of VAs with Web Design. VAs build their own websites and this gives us the skills to assist clients with building their company websites.
  • Marketing companies can use our services to assist with market research, social media advertising, marketing and campaigns, getting your event info out into the public eye.
  • Entrepreneurs can use our services to assist with social media requirements, scheduling and posting etc.
  • The retail industry can use our services to send out notices of their various special offers, campaigns, events and promotions.

Social media platforms are great for advertising, marketing and networking in today’s fast paced world.



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