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Let me introduce you to Dog Diaries, the stories about our Pets: Scooby, Shaggy, and Scrappy. Scooby our ‘Old Age Pensioner’ who is 12, a cross spaniel and border collie, Shaggy aged 6, purebred short-haired Border Collie and Scrappy age 1, our Border Collie with one blue eye and one brown eye. They each have their own personalities. I want to let you know a little bit about who they are and what they get up to. Come back often to hear their stories from my point of view and also check out Doggie Journals to hear their own stories from them: Doggie Journals.

Have you ever taken notice of your dog’s personality?
All three of our dogs have very different personalities and levels of intelligence.

These dogs know when specific things happen. For example, Scrappy listens and watches the washing machine on its final spin, then she yaps and comes to let me know the washing is ready to be hung outside, I must then go and get the washing and put it outside, otherwise, she doesn’t stop coming to call me. Then it’s the big race of who can get to the other side of the garden first, she nips at Shaggy’s legs to slow him down and he, in turn, nips at her neck to slow her down. Same story if you let them out into the front yard, the race to the gate this time. Scrappy plays with Shaggy as if he was a Sheep. She tries to herd you, so you go where she wants you to go even though it might not be where you want to go.

All three dogs have been taught to sit before they get their food. Scooby gets her food first and sits nicely, she is always enthusiastic about getting her dinner. Shaggy well what can you say, he takes some coaxing to get him to come and sit for his food, once he has sat he sniffs the bowl and leaves if there is nothing nice in his bowl he won’t stay. Scrappy won’t sit unless Shaggy has just come and sat for his food. Other times she lies where her bowl is supposed to be and then won’t get up and sit for her food. Other times she also needs convincing to come and get her food. Scrappy is a very messy eater, she chews, the food outside the bowl, in the middle of the floor, outside where we occasionally leave the pellets, so nobody will eat it. There is always a mess beside her bowl. Shaggy and Scrappy never rush to eat, you could never actually get them to eat. Scrappy can be lazy and will lie down to eat her food.


Scooby, Shaggy and Scrappy. Dog Diaries

Scrappy barks and yaps, that horrible yappy sound dogs make. Shaggy barks a bit and cries, Scooby barks and occasionally cry at Scrappy for Scrappy to leave her alone. On special occasions, Scooby and Shaggy will give you the welcome howl, (the way a Wolf howls) as you arrive home.

All of our dogs have had a time whereby they all watch TV. Scooby’s favorite program is ‘Meerkat Manor’ on National Geographic Channel. Shaggy tends to watch the same thing. Now Scrappy is a different story. Since she first arrived she has been obsessed to watching TV. Any channel with anything on it and often she will go right up to the TV and search for where it is if something goes missing off the screen, that was there a second ago.

Scrappy talks moans nonstop, you certainly know she is around all the time. She makes her opinion known when you are busy in a conversation. Occasionally she will talk to the TV. 


Do you know when your dogs call you to go somewhere? (like a recognizable noise), to go outside do they call you and bug you? Do you know when your dogs are hungry?
Well, we certainly know with our dogs and we certainly know they are around all the time. They are always where we are.

Every day they spend their day in my office as I work, crowding around each side of me. They push each other for the best spot (under the window or at my feet). Scooby comes in first every morning to make sure of her spot (usually under the window – which allows them to look out the window and see the street), she growls at those who want to take her spot if she’s already there, or she just pushes in and takes the spot from whoever else is there – which is normally Shaggy and he gracefully gets up and moves for her occasionally. Shaggy lies at my feet unless the window spot is open. Sometimes he growls at Scrappy when she tries to push in from where he lies under the window to take that spot. Scrappy is everywhere from under the window to under the desk to behind my chair or wrapped around my chair and even lying just outside the office.
Scrappy (forever running around) comes and goes but Scooby and Shaggy stay around me most of the day.

Do your dogs pick up on most noises? Do they know when you are leaving the house?

Ours certainly do! They all hear when Dries, my hubby, opens our gate and of course starts the welcome home party – which usually consists of a LOT of barking and yapping (Scrappy). They know when anyone is leaving, like when my son picks his bag up to leave to go to school, Scooby barks and then they all bark. And they certainly know when its braai time, all you do is lift the charcoal bag up n they sprint to the door ready to go (this usually includes a LOT of barking (mostly Scrappy) and a lot of looking at the door and then back at you, to rush you to open the door and then they all sprint to the gate and see who gets there first).

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