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Students Assistance: Transcription, Typing, Thesis Formatting, Reference Checking and Internet Research.

I offer the following services to Students: Transcription, Typing, Thesis Formatting, Internet Research, checking Academic documents in-text references, etc. As a student, this will save you a lot of time and you can get on with having fun and enjoying life on campus.

Students must follow Professor, University, etc., guidelines in formatting, setting out their dissertations, etc. Universities are very particular with MBAs, Masters, and PhDs with formatting, etc. Usually you will follow Academic Writing styles with APA Formatting Styles, SALJ House Style for Juta Publications, Harvard Styles, etc.

Every part of a thesis is formatted right down to references, tables, and graphics, etc. If I don’t follow these styles, you could lose marks. The Universities and Colleges are very particular especially when it comes to MBAs, Masters, etc. Even when transcribing, the document still needs to be formatted into the University styles.

I offer assistance with Research, all students need to research their subjects. I can research articles, books, etc., for you. It is very time taking for you to spend the time in the Internet searching and you will use a lot of data, I have a fibre connection. Students search inside Google Scholar as all articles, books, etc., must be referenced properly within the documents and there must be links to finding the research material. Students can lose marks if they do not have the correct cite/reference listing, so it is very important to keep records of everything I find.

  • Students Assistance: Transcription, Typing, Thesis Formatting and Internet Research.
    From 1st year to Masters, Ph.D., assignments, dissertations, thesis, etc (following Harvard Business, Academic Writing, APA, University/Professor methods and procedures).
  • We can research journal articles etc for your Ph.D., Masters, etc for the subject of your choice using Google Scholar making notes of the cites/references required.
  • If you have transcribed your research and need assistance to transcribe it, contact us.
  • Once you have typed up your assignment etc., you will need it formatted to the professor or university guidelines, we can do this for you, saving you time doing it. Masters and Ph.D. Students, we can assist you with formatting your articles for publication in Journals, etc.
  • We can assist you with the article publication procedures.
  • New Reference Checking: Checking academic documents in-text references are included in the bibliography or list of references
  • Editing contact Errol Collen at


  • Typing – per-page rate
  • Reference checking – hourly rate
  • Formatting to University guidelines –  hourly rate (Students must supply guidelines)
  • Transcription – audio hour rate and
  • Internet Research – hourly rate.


I have assisted with many students, if you need assistance, please ask.

Students have strict deadlines that must be adhered to, so I make sure I can reach those deadlines before accepting your work.

Often a thesis or dissertation may come back time and again, some professors/supervisors are very fussy, Professors are known to keep changing/editing your thesis/assignment each time you submit, I charge an hourly rate for anything over and above first submission/comebacks, etc.

New: For many years I have been doing reference checking for students, whereby we check the academic references within the text of a Master’s, Ph.D., etc with the Bibliography, List of References at the end of the document, if you require this services please contact me. Your referencing is checked within your document and you can lose valuable points if the references do not tie up in your works (Hourly rate).




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