Mentoring for New VAs

For years we have been asked over and over again to Mentor new VAs and Transcriptionists, we are launching a new Mentoring Programme for new VAs/Transcriptionist. we are going to share with you our experiences and help grow your experiences at the same time. We am going to cover the items you need as a new VA/Transcriptionist in the market.This programme will soon be available on Tavasa, coming in 2019.

Starting out as a new VA/Transcriptionist is very overwhelming, mention business plans to a new VA or a Transcriptionists and they are so scared, many do not do it at all. But every new business needs standards and procedures to run a business so a Business Plan is a necessity. This is one of the things that we want to help you with that will help build your confidence and give you belief in yourself, and once you do it by following steps you will never doubt that you can do this again.

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We are going to help you grow your confidence in being a VA/Transcriptionist. Your skills and experience are fine, the problem with starting out is, you have no idea how to run a business. we will share our many experiences with you, we have over 25 years combined experience. 

Nothing comes easy in our lives, we have to work to make things happen, very few things fall into our laps. If you don’t put in the work you simply will not get the work. What you put into your business and how you project yourself to potential clients is up to you, so let US help YOU to be SUCCESSFUL and CONFIDENT.


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Further information coming soon, watch this space…

Mentoring for VAs




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