Borders don’t always get the Memo


We find that our borders do not always get the memo. You can see they understand but they don’t always follow what you want them to do, they rather do their own thing.

Our borders (3) have a mind of their own and will only do what they want to do. We have a new puppy and she is just as bad as our 10 and 5 year olds. They suffer from selective hearing at times. Its their way or no way. Can you associate with your borders doing this?

But for all that, they are clever and can think for themselves.


Our new puppy Ziggy has learnt lots of new things to do and commands, but its up to her if she follows this. Scrappy our middle border is very stubborn and temperamental and the leader of the pack. If she does not want to do something, she certainly won’t. She will even sit/lie with her back to you at times.


Our poor Shaggy (10 year old) likes to think of himself as the Alpha dog of who and what, I don’t know, as its not over Scrappy or Ziggy. Scrappy has taken over the role that Scooby had, Scooby died a few months ago age 15, she had a good life. But there is a huge difference in the intelligence of our latest dogs compared to Scooby, with Scrappy and Ziggy its more noticable. They all learn from each other.

When you own a border collie you certainly know they are around and I mean around you must of the time. We can’t even go to the Lou without one or two. If you go out the door, we are greeted as though we have been away for hours, and they do like to tell you about it noisily. They like nothing better than going for a run around our house whenever they can. Its like a game, who can run the fastest. Mostly Scrappy at the moment. If Scrappy walks you to the Lou and tries to herd you up the passage, making sure you are with her all the way.

All three of our borders are keen gardeners, they like to dig a whole or three or four, pull up grass, eat soil (why they do this I do not know) etc. They get into trouble for doing this but it makes no difference to them, they will still go and dig another hole when they can.

Ziggy makes sure they are all active, she thinks nothing of standing on them or putting her paws on them. They play together nicely, Shaggy is a bit rough and often cant be bothered and growls but Scrappy is up for playing and rolling and herding Ziggy about.

Our borders are very noisy all the time, they talk, (growl, bark, howl, grunt and moan) all the time. I wish I knew what they were saying at times. Ziggy can stand their and bark at you non stop, just for the heck of it, she is obviously tell us about something about her day. 

But for all that they are all very loving and friendly and we love them.






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