Scrappy gets her teeth cleaned


So today I got my teeth cleaned at the VET!! THE VET!!! AND THEN THEY LEFT ME THERE, LEFT ME THERE!!! They did come back and get me of course but not impressed, I was FINE. Yes my breath my have smelled slightly and yeah my teeth didn’t look the cleanest but I was fine and then they subjected me to the torture of going to the VET!!!!!

In the car on the way to the Vet
Waiting at the Vet

SO, they came to get me, ABOUT TIME!!! I feel weird and I want out of here and finally, they are here and I’m going to them, let’s leave, let’s leave. Oh, look there’s the car come on, come on, open the door, there we go, now window, WINDOW, WINDOW!!! yay, you opened it, let’s go!!! Why we stopping, we not there yet. Why you opening the door, what you doing. I’m not going. You called me, I’m coming. Oh, we gonna go walkies to the house, yay and we running too. yay, my favorite is to run. 🙂 Now can you take this thing off me so I can see my friends, Shaggy and Scooby and mommy too?

Now I’m back home and I’ve decided that I’m in pain and I don’t want anyone but my dad, he helps and understands, everyone else does not, like seriously I know we doing things to help Scooby but when I want out, I want out, not when you want to let me out, when I want out, luckily there is daddy he is kind and nice.

Also, I wanted someone to come with me outside, how do I know if it’s gonna hurt drinking water, come help, please. No, not gonna help, okay I wait a while and try again. Are you coming, please come 🙁 she’s coming, she’s coming, let’s go drink some water. Mmmmmm… Doesn’t hurt but glad you came with me. Thank you, now go away, where’s Daddy? Is he home yet? Is it time yet?

Daddy’s home and guess what he helped me eat my food, he mushed it so my teeth weren’t hurt and he made it all nice. Yes yes, others put the stuff in to make it soft but he, he helped me. He gave me biscuits but made it all nice so I could eat it with my sore teeth. Love my daddy. Love everyone but daddy the most, he helps me :).

Let’s hope tomorrow is better, this is Scrappy signing out. BYE!!!


Written by Katie Fourie, 14 January 2021

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