The 1st VA on Mars

I was thinking maybe I should have applied to go to Mars ( after all as a VA I can work anywhere. Trouble is if I go to Mars I might have Internet and communication problems and then what. I have enough Internet problems as it is. Will someone go to Mars one day and be the first VA on Mars, I wonder.

I don’t think I would manage on Mars. I need my communication and without it I would struggle. I like Skype; if I couldn’t contact people I would be lost. I could work for some of my clients as we correspond via WhatsApp and email, so that is something I would need to have. Communication is big deal to me in my business. What if Communication or the Internet goes down on Mars, how will I communicate with my clients? I would lose business very quickly. On Earth we can just about manage as long as we have communication but if it went off on Mars who knows when we may get it up again and that could be a problem.Mars Express

There would also be a communication delay and how would that work with doing urgent work or even transferring files via Dropbox, could I get that on Mars, I wonder. Would I be able to get in touch with Postnet to send info for printing? These would be factors I would need to find out before thinking of going to Mars.

How do we know what communication would be like on Mars seen as we have not had human’s set foot on Mars yet, it’s an Unknown World.

I certainly could work for a new colony of people on Mars as a VA surely, especially if I am the only VA on Mars in the colony! How would I charge for my services, would we use money on Mars, I certainly wouldn’t want to work for free. You see there is many dilemma’s in the way, before even thinking of going to Mars.

The Internet is not reliable here, how do I know it will be reliable on Mars. Do I take a chance and just go and see, hmmm. I think maybe I should just dream about being the first VA on Mars, it might be a better idea than going there.

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