What makes a great Presentation

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Robynne Shields

Well, a great speaker! True. Having said that, even a great speaker needs a convincing presentation from time-to-time to aid him/her in delivering his message.

With the digital economy being what it is, we find ourselves continuously bombarded with content demanding our attention, and if lucky, action. And it is impossible to consume it all. Because your presentation will be competing for that attention, your presentation needs to be visually compelling.

The days of “Death-by-bullet-point-presentation” are over.

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My Bio:

My name is Robynne Shields.

I have 18 years’ experience in Business admin support, selecting to start my own Virtual Assistant (VA) business for flexibility, more time with my children and the ability to select the work I am passionate about.

What I am not: I am not an agency. I could never compete with one. Nor am I a marketing specialist.

What I am: A creative at heart who ‘gets’ branding and marketing principles and the importance of getting it right.

My website is www.admininc.co.za and my LinkedIn profile is: https://www.linkedin.com/in/robynne-shields-247360a/.

I love admin. And am passionate about adding value to my clients. I have a key focus on giving PowerPoint and Word documents the WOW factor. I create templates, rework material, enhance look and feel and work on training material too! I have a finesse for the English language and dabble at proofreading and copy editing. I am known for my ability to provide a “last-minute.com” service and always meet my client’s expectations.

I am a generalist, and what I don’t know I source and empower myself to know. I am a Microsoft Pro, with core strengths in PowerPoint and Word. I believe in service. My offering is all about CX and how I can make a difference to my client’s manic worlds. Although my preference is PowerPoint and Word, I do anything admin!

Thank you again ladies! I really appreciate it.