Confusion over Typing!


A lot of people seem to be very confused when it comes to typing.

  • Typing is copying what you see from a document, could be handwriting, could be a pdf etc.
  • Formatting of documents: checking the layout, styles, presentation, organising a document to look good, placing the document into manuscript formatting for academic documents e.g. APA, Harvard MLA etc .
  • Word Processing can include spreadsheets, graphics, databases, desktop publishing, tables, diagrams, formatting, layout etc.
  • Transcription is not classed as typing, you listen to the file and then you transcribe it into a document, there is more skills involved, grammar, listening, sentence construction etc.

These tasks and skills come with difference prices/rates:

  • Copy Typing: per page rate
  • Formatting, hourly rate
  • Word processing, per page or hourly, often dependent on the content and what is involved.
  • Transcription: per audio minute, audio hour or hourly rate

With all of these tasks proofreading must be done before sending your work back to the client.


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