Scrappy’s day told from Scrappy’s Perspective

Scrappy’s Day told by me Scrappy:

Scrappy getting her beno
Getting my morning beno
Scrappy and washng machine
Me waiting for the washing machine to hurry up

The washing machine is on, I gotta listen for it and tell mommy when it’s ready. Come on, come on, come on – go faster, spin faster. BEEP BEEP. IT’S READY!!!! Test it by hitting my head against it and ROOF time to tell mommy. Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go. Hurry, hurry, hurry. Here we go, I’m gonna beat Shaggy today I know it, let’s go come on – hurry mommy. Scooby is getting excited now too, let’s go. GO GO GO GO!!!!!! YEAH YEAH YEAH fell the air as I race Shaggy across the garden with Scooby chasing us. Shaggy won, damn but good run and now BENO BENO, see I’m in place ready, BENO BENO!! Here comes my beno, Thanks Shaggy, wow it’s a doughnut one today, Yummy. Best make sure Shaggy doesn’t steal it or Scooby since sometimes she tries too if I’m too slow. Are you done yet? Time to get Katie up, hurry with the washing, Let’s go. Yay we are done off to Katie ?

Katie wake up time, we open the door and mommy tells me to wake her up, Shaggy’s with me obviously. I run and jump on the bed while Shaggy goes with mommy to the side of the bed where Katie is (he jumps up on that side after she’s awake). Mommy tells me to wake her, so I BARK and then BARK again and again. Scooby then barks as well just outside Katie’s room and then we all stop when she wakes up and gives me a scratch. Then it’s off to the next activity: mommy’s breakfast and DISHWASHER!!!


Scrappy licking plate in dishwasher
Me licking plates in the dishwasher

Mommy’s breakfast, that means its nearly dishwasher time, can’t wait! Mommy’s just finished breakfast, let’s go do the dishwasher, wonder what’s gonna be on the plates today. Will it be last night dinner or who knows maybe something from someone’s breakfast, who cares as long as it’s yummy and I get to lick it off. Mmmmmmm… She’s opened the dishwasher and pulled the bottom rack out, my turn to lick the plates while mommy tells me to stop but I don’t because I’m Scrappy and she doesn’t make sense telling me to stop and get out the dishwasher. rolling my eyes Mmmmmmm pasta from last night yummy didn’t get to have any last night so lucky me. Mmmmmmm yummy. There she goes telling me to get out of the dishwasher, can’t she see I’m busy! Aggg she’s always doing that.


Scrappy and her ball
Me and my ball

So today I tried getting Katie to play ball, barked at the hole and said hello to next doors dogs and everything. She came out and told me to get inside and wouldn’t play ball! Can you believe her!! So, I tried again later, like more the usual time since she wouldn’t come to play earlier. CAN’T BELIEVE HER! Back to my next try, I saw Katie put her shoes on and I ran to the hole because you know BALL BECAUSE that’s where my ball is, won’t let me keep it on the other side of the garden – not fair!. She didn’t come, so I barked and yapped, until finally she came, works all the time, Haha, Scrappy score, we played Ball for like 5 minutes and it was FUN!!! Then we told mommy and barked at the garden boy next door – right in mommy’s ear, bet she didn’t see that coming – her reaction was funny, she called my name HAHA and then and then Scooby and Shaggy started barking too, also next to her ears. YAY Win for Scrappy, HAHA.

After lunch, it’s time to get the washing in, I do my part by continually annoying Katie and crying and barking at her till she puts shoes on and follows me. She calls “WASHING” and I go running with Shaggy behind me and Scooby behind him, I race Shaggy to the end of the garden while biting his back legs when he comes in front of me and at his neck when his next to me and he does the same to me except for the legs part. HAHA. Scooby just runs after us telling us to stop. HAHA. ALWAYS FUN.

As Daddy comes home after pulling the car in and closing the gate, they opened the door for us to run to the gate, I beat Shaggy today. Ha!! Hopefully, I beat him tomorrow morning when we get water bowls filled – I have more speed then but so does he, so will have to try really hard.

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Written by Katie Fourie,  © copyright February 2020



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