An Active Mind

It is becoming more and more important as we grow older, and I am talking about when we reach the age of 45 and beyond to keep our minds active. It is easy to slow down as we age but maybe slowing down is not what we should be doing. Surely it would be more beneficial to us to keep our minds alert and stay active. An active mind is a healthy mind, or so they say.

As we get older our bodies start to slow down but that does not mean our minds need to slow down. With the age of technology we can keep our minds active. We have the big wide world of the Internet out there to explore, technology of gaming whether it be on a cell phone, tablet, desktop or laptop, it is there. We have books we can read online and on paper. We have games we can play online and in the field. There is no excuse to keeping ourselves active, hobbies, gardening, walking and jogging, buying a dog, painting, drawing, (colouring in) taking an interest in things, we have not had an interest in before, exploring life.Carefree Person, Active Mind

We cannot just vegetate and give up on life because we are getting older. Life is about living and living every moment to the fullest that we can. Surely with an active mind we can fight off these aging diseases like Alzheimer’s or at least keep them at bay.

We can play daily mind games on our tablets, games that make us think, games with scores to beat and that gives us the will-power to keep beating our own scores.

It’s about making the effort, getting up and keeping going and having a zest for life and not a zest for dying and slowing down. Yes we have High/Low Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Menopause, Cholesterol etc but that does not mean we have to slow down to a stop and give up and just wither away, that is not what life is about. Life is about having fun, laughing, learning something new, doing new things, being alive, not withering away and letting our minds die.

Our aim must be to live longer, and if we keep our minds active, stick to the right diet, keeping our bodies active then we can live longer. Life does not have to be boring, it can be fun, exciting and interesting. At 50 you don’t have to give up and let life pass you by, get up and be active and live till you are over 90 and as long as you have a quality of health you can keep going. Fight and fight till your last breath to keep going.

Having a positive mind-set is a great help, negativity will only keep on getting more and more negative, whereby being positive will bring excitement and fun into your life and give you the meaning to carry on having a good life.

Learn to think outside the box, do not let yourself be in a closed small box, open that box and think outside of it and keep being POSITIVE.

Enjoy Life, Believe in Yourself, Be Positive. Active Mind


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