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I get lots of contacts requiring Books to be typed. This is the process that I have found after many years of providing typing services.


All authors have deadlines. Something the authors do not check with the typist, whether they can reach this deadline or if there is a way that the author can help the typist, reach the deadline.

Typing and formatting:

The author just finishes the book and contacts a typist for typing and formatting, without considering, the time it actually takes to do this, and how much work actually goes into this.

Typing and formatting does not take 5 minutes to complete, as some authors think, it takes time. Often publishers have their own formatting and manuscript styles that they require.  Formatting then takes a while, as the typist has to ensure all the typing on all pages is exactly as the author wants it. All of this is a lot of labour and a lot of time with rates being almost nothing.

Typing the book takes time. As you type the time goes by. Formatting also takes quite a lot of time and time unfortunately is not free.


Authors want low rates, the problem with low rates is, time, sitting and actually typing the book takes time, uses electricity etc. Your computer runs on electricity or battery and that gets used.

Authors unfortunately do not want to pay more than R10 per page (this is lower than the lowest rate in the country for domestic workers), but to a typist that is not worth it for the hours that are spent/time typing (eight to twelve hours a day).

Authors want the book typed in a short amount of time, while the typist is paid almost nothing for the hours done to complete the book.


I proofread every word; this takes time (from a few hours to a few days depending on size of the book). I proof as I go and then at the end do another more thorough proofread – making sure every word is correct and every sentence is the same as the authors book.

You cannot give back work that has not been proofread and leave it to the client to do this. If a book goes to print or publish without proofreading that is an unprofessional job done by the typist and the Author and both look bad and their reputations are at risk. It amazing how many books are published and not checked properly for spelling errors.

We are running businesses and the aim of every business is to make a profit, you cannot do a job whereby you make no profit and the job makes you run at a loss, it is unacceptable, no business runs this way.

A book will sell at a high rate and one book sale should cover the cost of the typing of the book, and you would never just sell one book, you would sell many as that is your aim, otherwise why write a book.

I love typing books so If you have one that needs typing please give me a call or WhatsApp me +27 82 871 3452 for a quick response.


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