Do you need a Website?


I don’t think it matters how big or small your company is, a website is your best marketing tool to have. Your website is one of the most important marketing and advertising tools as people will go to your website to see who you are and what you do. Even if you have a small business, having a website means you are seen, and it gives your business a chance of growing bigger than it currently is.

Your website does not need to be standard, dull and boring. To me all websites should be original and customize to fit your business. If your business has certain colours it uses then so should your website, don’t leave it white when your company’s colours are red or blue. By making your website reflect what your business is and what you are offering, you then stand out among your competition. Be original! There is no reason not to look at other websites for ideas, you can look at people in the same industry but make sure you do not copy any other site and do not copy their content and paste it on your own site. Beware of plagiarism.

Your website’s content needs to draw clients into your website, by doing these clients will contact you further. To help clients contact you make sure your contact information is visible and correct, people do not have time to search through every single page and post on your website to find your contact information, so make sure it can be seen. Have an About Me page so people get an idea about who you are and what you have been doing in your career. Personalise your website but make sure it speaks to potential clients.

TV and Radio adverts change all the time, to me your website should be the same, add new blog posts, new graphics, change words here and there on posts or pages. Keep the site looking fresh and appealing.

Constantly update your site, whether it is just adding new content or doing a fully new look to your site, every once in a while (once or twice a year). But make sure when you do this that your site is still appealing to clients. Every time you update your site, your site moves up the rankings in your search browsers (Google, Bing etc.), this then means that your site will be seen more than others because it is further up in the ranking and that means YOU get the clients over someone else. So, UPDATE your website constantly.



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