Customer Service again…

Following on from another article I wrote about customer service. I am finding it lacking more and more.

Here is an example.

My fan in my all-in-one Dell computer started making a noise, my husband being a technician and knowing what he was doing, cleaned the fan and put it back. We then decided on 8th August to order a new fan from Dell. Fan was paid for and presumed ordered 9th August 2018. Received an email confirming order and was told estimated time of arrive 3 to 4 weeks. 3 to 4 weeks later still no fan, now the computer is giving problems because of the fan. email Dell to be replied eta 8th October, that will be 2 months from when order was placed and paid for.

Customer Service

Dell will not supply an order number to track the order, why I ask, when they have a tracking system… Are orders not placed when they say they are… who knows, this is just my opinion. I cannot query this order anywhere but at the place it was ordered from and because I have no order number and they refuse to give it to me, as they do not issue order numbers to clients/customers, I cannot track my order.

Customer Service 2


Sometimes with customer service we seem to be going backwards and not forwards. Service is not getting improved. If I do not provide my clients with a quality client service I will lose clients and have no business. I am finding more and more companies simply do not give a dam about customer service. I can’t run my business without it, so why is it not a concern for other companies, that I would love to know.

Customer Service 3


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