Its Overwhelming when you are new

Becoming a Virtual Assistant can be very difficult and overwhelming at first when you begin your journey.

Whenever a new business is started it is advisable to complete a business plan.This is one of the most scary things to do .You have no idea how to begin, what to put in one and what its about.

Its not as bad as it is made out to be.

A business plan shows all your business information. Just take it slowly, don’t panic. Start by writing points down, how you think your business should run, what procedures you must follow, think how you are going to do marketing and networking, what your budget is, your mission statement, goals etc. Use the below checklist to assist you.

Business Plan Checklist, OverwhelmedAs you start to work for clients you will have to do tasks or project you don’t want to do but remember this gives you the experience you require. Some tasks are not nice, they can be boring, uninteresting etc,long winded, complicated but, that is how we learn to do the different tasks.To help yourself, learn to know how long it takes you to do tasks and projects, this will assist you when you have to give a client a quote. The client always wants to know when they will get their work or project back, how quick you can perform and reach their deadlines. So knowing how long tasks take will assist you.

We gain the experience, we learn to work with our clients and as time goes on we, get better and better at dealing with the various types of clients and jobs. We begin to know and learn about the types of clients we would like to work with and the types of tasks we would like to do.

We refine our business as we move on. Eventually you reach a point when can choose the types of clients you want to work for. We reach a point in our businesses where we have options we can take. We can place tasks on Tavasa for others to apply for, we can subcontract the work out, we can work with a partner, but we no longer need to do the types of tasks we don’t want to do. You eventually cut down the services you offer or even change your services to suit the new experiences and skills you have learnt.

We learn how to do marketing, what marketing works, start doing target and niche marketing. We learn we have to do marketing for the life of our businesses, as we need to keep our information out there and current and you can always can get more clients

We learn to use WordPress to build our business websites. We learn to blog and how to use this blog in our marketing. We have to market our businesses on social media so we learn we can offer all that we have learnt as an addditional service.

I hope this is helpful to you, share if you think it will assist someone else. Sharing is caring.


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