Dog Personalities Part 2

To continue with Dog Personalities, how well do you know your dog?

Do you know when your dogs call you to go somewhere? (like a recognisable noise), to go outside do they call you and bug you? Do you know when your dogs are hungry?
Well, we certainly know with our dogs and we certainly know they are around all the time. They are always where we are.

Everyday they spend their day in my office as I work, crowding around each side of me. They push each other for the best spot (under the window or at my feet). Scooby comes in first every morning to make sure of her spot (usually under the window – which allows them to look out the window and see the street), she growls at those who want to take her spot if shes already there, or she just pushes in and takes the spot from whoever else is there – which is normally Shaggy and he gracefully gets up and moves for her occasionally. Shaggy lies at my feet, unless the window spot is open. Sometimes he growls at Scrappy when she tries to push in from where he lies under the window to take that spot. Scrappy is everywhere from under the window to under the desk to behind my chair or wrapped around my chair and even lying just outside the office.Scooby, Shaggy, Scrappy. Dog Personalities

Scrappy (forever running around) comes and goes but Scooby and Shaggy stay around me most of the day.

Do your dogs pick up on most noises? Do they know when you are leaving the house?

Ours certainly do! They all hear when Dries, my hubby, opens our gate and of course start the welcome home party – which usually consists of a LOT of barking and yapping (Scrappy). They know when anyone is leaving, like when my son picks his bag up to leave to go to school, Scooby barks and then they all bark. And they certainly know when its braai (BBQ) time, all you do is lift the charcoal bag up n they sprint to the door ready to go (this usually includes a LOT of barking (mostly Scrappy) and a lot of looking at the door and then back at you, to rush you to open the door and then they all sprint to the gate and see who gets there first).


Do your dogs like Chews or Treats? mine do. Pooch and Mutt (UK) have various kinds of Chews and Treats to suit all dogs and puppies.

Puppy Clecklist, Dog Personalities

Click on pic to get my Puppy Checklist



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